QMS CRM is an online service which allows you to manage your MCS compliance requirements. The software is an integrated system to manage your customer contact information, quotations, heat loss calculations plus meeting the requirements of MCS001. The application consists of four components.


  • Manage customers and prospects.
  • Maintain contact history details
  • Create quotations including covering letter, terms and conditions and warranty sections
  • Manage products and services to include in quotation
  • Upload customer documents

MCS Calculations.

  • Heat loss calculations for all technologies
  • FIt and RHI payback calculation
  • EN12831 room by room heat loss
  • Fuel savings from existing heating system
  • MCS compliance certificates


  • Schedule installation and allocate employee/installer to the job.
  • Site survey
  • Pre-installation checklist including risk assessment
  • Installation and hand over report


  • Employee and subcontractor details including training records
  • Equipment list and calibration
  • Quarterly review meetings and automatic agenda
  • Quality Management manual from template
  • Non-performance and compliance records to include in review meeting

Green Deal

Green Deal measures can be appended to an existing MCS Calculation job or multple measures undertaken for Green Deal only. See the Jobs menu and choose the example for Cavity Wall Insulation.

If you have any questions please call 020 7148 3322 and we will be happy to help